Why write

Once up on a time in a kingdom fa.. Oh sorry not in a kingdom , in some kind of republic or an ex-republic there lived a princes.. oh sorry just a normal girl like any one you may ever knew ..

She had few things to love, her beloved one , friends, her sisters, some oil paintings, and her voice since she used to sing every time she was nervous or unhappy. Those little things were all she got and she really was happy to get all she ever wanted.

Now that everything has changed .. she lost her beloved one in the war, she doesn’t sing anymore or have any passion to draw again.

This is a try .. a last try for her to survive the war

44 thoughts on “Why write

  1. I just discovered your blog and I must say that I’m more than interested by what I found.

    I’m not going to say that I agree with all political statements I could see (in politics I always found a way to disagree with mostly everyone, in a certain degree or another) but from a personal approach I found myself somehow able to stand on ur shoes.

    I am a western, that can’t be denied, and I didn’t like Bashar’s regime before (even when I was seeing his govt. making changes and being more flexible than his father’s but it was NOT a democracy, call it plutocracy, or aristocracy or whatever, but not democracy) …but deffinitely I dislike from the very beginning the way this syrian revolt happened.

    From both sides.

    There’s too much innocent blood shed on both sides to place responsibility just on one of them, because anything is black or white, I guess we all know that.

    I got 3 Syrian friends I met personally. They live in Canada.

    One is with the revolution. Openly. oing to demonstrations, asking for donations, and mostly centered in assistance to refugees, children and women. It was because of her that I found the video for that post that you liked on my blog. She is a good woman, fighting to find her own way, finding herself as an atheist, somehow feminist, liberal, who wishes people in Syria to enjoy the same level of freedom she came to find in the west. I supported the revolts from Tunisia…. and specially those born in Tahrir Square in Cairo. But I could never make her understand that I can’t support the syrian revolutionaries. I always said to myself, once and again, that God must feel like vomiting every time someone shouts “allahu akhbar” on our TV screens while a syrian from both sides is shred into pieces. She says Syrians say that phrase all the time and that it’s me who doesn’t get the Syrian way of thinking and believing. She doesn’t give importance to it. I keep thinking that she doesn’t get my point. Every time they say “God is Great” as someone dies that way, I feel they are making Him smaller inside them.

    Another friend is a practicant muslim girl, (but not a hijabi) involved in movies and image creation. She’s got an artist heart. She makes sense and sensitivity come out to the eyes and the minds of the viewer, when she posts a pic or a video she made. She rarely posts anything about the war, but you both hold the same flag. We never talked about this, because I felt she wanted to keep it for her own people, and I am somehow a stranger, a spaniard she met occasionally on a beach day, when I lived in Canada,… and a western who should not get involved somehow in her country’s business.

    I respect her point, even not agreeing in it completely. Our world is no more what it was 30 years ago. Everything happening now affects us everyone, everywhere. And I am also not like most other westerns…. specially in north america.

    My thírd syrian friend is a guy. He’s the youngest of them. He is opposite to the revolt. And not with Assad. He shares my point of view almost completely. But he was born in Canada from Syrian parents, speaks arabic regularly and so, but…he’s more Canadian than Syrian. And in certain way I understand him. Who can feel proud of being Syrian when you see all the mess that is coming out and you can’t support any side?.

    I guess he is preferring to attach to his canadian part and stay away. The smell of death is not something we humans like, … even when we are experts in killing.

    I want you to know who I am and what’s my point, because today you gained a follower in this blog, …but not because we match in politics,… it was because I saw the human in you.

    I won’t mind your positioning same as I dont choose my friends for theirs. And I hope I can be accepted the same way, …because I can be somehow a big mouthed pain in the arse!

    Receive my support from here, Levantina. And thanks for letting us know you.


    • I was really glad reading your comment and knowing you can understand what’s going on here more than most Syrians do. I don’t consider my self as a supporter for the regime rather than a supporter for secular Syria. all I care about is keeping Syrian diversity and unity.. I don’t like the Islamic face they want it to put on.. our Syria needed a revolution but by the hands of philosophers, researchers, scientists, women and writers not by the hands of those black minded terrorists or some foreign military force..
      I can’t support it what ever because all they can create is a regime like the Saudi Arabia regime..
      you can’t start a revolution and don’t care where it’s leading you.. that’s so childish and irresponsible.

      y al final yo me siento feliz cuando leo unos comentarios como tu comentario, porque me hace saber que hay gente en este mundo que presta atención no importa lo que dicen los medios de comunicación
      muchas muchas gracias

  2. afwan, guapísima 😉 thanks as well for following my blog… I hope you find something interesting out of it, even when it’s mostly based in mid east politics but… it’s you the judge! 🙂 I wish you a great easter, as far as you can celebrate there. If you had been at my home you would have enjoyed a mug of hot chocolate with “mona” (some kind of sweet spoungy bread that some relate to arab origins) .. that’s typical for us here. Really, I wish i coould share that with u. a simple moment of normality and familiar peace. Keep in touch ok?…. menfedlek 😉

    ah yes…. I just know a few words in your language…ur spanish looks far better than my arabic!

    • my Spanish is kind of funny too 😀 but I’m still trying to make it better on my own after the institute is closed.. I’m happy knowing you and your blog .. will surely be following all your updates and we’ll discuss everything 😉 have a great Easter with your lovely “mona” I like it BTW

      • I’m not sure it’s the same bread but as you described it’s so much like a kind of bread I ate in a church in “Hama” city.. some kind of sweet, they mix flour, egg, and sugar and don’t know what else 😛

      • yeah, exactly! 😀 it gets “spoungy” and soft in the oven,.. covered in sugar. ometimes they put raisins and walnuts inside, but It’s often holding a boiled egg in the middle… kids play to crash the egg on someone’s head… then we tipically eat it dipped in hot chocolate with the family…

  3. Just discovered your blog. You have a gift for putting a human face on what is, here in the West, too often hidden by distance and cloaked in numbers and abstract policy. I will be following what you write as you continue and have already shared several of your blogs in some facebook communities I belong to. Too often great tragedies are overlooked by those not directly suffering, which is probably the greatest tragedy of all.

    • Thank you so much
      and this exactly why I chose to write in English though I could do better in Arabic 🙂
      I do appreciate how western people are willing to know more. this is something I only discovered through my blog.

  4. Levantine, I hardly know what to say… My heart is at once caught in the tragic showing of your heart. I find myself torn between reading and not reading … reading because my heart goes out to you and what probably seems many times to be a hopeless existence, and not reading because not reading it’s easier to pretend that these things are not going on.

    Probably the most difficult thing is to want badly to find hope and healing for you and feeling powerless to accomplish any part of such a lofty goal. I have decided to follow your writing here and praying for your safety and a cease to the violence griping your country.

    • Thank you very much, I honestly appreciate each single word you said 🙂 the healing for me is that there are people in this world who still care.
      Thank you very much

  5. Levantine,
    I might be able to offer you a guest blogging spot on one of my blogs, either The Outlier Collective or Black Box Warnings. But I’ll have to read more to see where your story could reach the right audience. This is a story that should be heard, thank you for speaking out, and loud.
    Le Clown

  6. Ha sucedido así que hace mucho años Siria se hizo mi gran amor y, ahora, mi personal sufrimiento insoportable.
    Más que dos y media años de ese infierno, dos y media años de dolor que no deja ni de dia ni de noche.
    Y ya no sé en que mas se puede esperar? En que toda esta pesadilla resulte solamente un sueño terrible?
    Qué puede detener ese Mal Sin Limites que aspira a usurpar todo el universo?
    Quién volverá a la vida los muertos? Quién devolverá a los gentes, a los niños, sus hogares, sus vidas decentes y honrados?
    Serán castigados quien habian organizado y apoyan y respaldan este monstruoso crimen contro vuestro pais? Quienes estan transformando a nuestros hijos – porque todos los niños son nuestros – en monstruos, sin permitirlos criarse en Seres Humanos?
    Qué puede devolver PAZ a mi preciosa Siria? A esta tierra bendita, donde conocí como es esto – vivir en absoluto seguridad, sabiendo que no puedes – que no es posible aunque imaginar – encontrar nada sino la bondad. Pais, donde había lugar para todos sin ninguna discriminacion, donde durante no se sabe quanto mil años florece la más bella ciudad y donde vive la mejor gente de nuestro mundo.
    Ahora aún no sé quiénes de aquellos maravillosos personas cuales encontraba en Siria siguen todavía vivos y quién vivirá hasta la mañana.

    A diferencia del Occidente (y de gran parte del Oriente tambien), aqui, en Rusia, recibimos algun informacion, y no nos inundan con torrentes de mentiras sobre vuestro precioso pais. Creo que sabes como “amigosdesiria” se esforzan para cortar a vosotros todos medios de comunicacion, incluso la pagina de SANA ya casi no se puede abrir por aqui. Si, de algo podemos enterarnos (cuales quienes quieren) via Internet. Pero no es suficiente.
    Porque falta mucho testimonios de primera mano.

    Dos meses no hay ni una palabra da tu parte. Yo espero muchisimo que estés salva y sana. Y lo deseo para todos, todos sirios de bondad.
    Pero lo unico que puedo es rezar y tratar de discernir un rayo de esperanza en esta negrura.

    POR FAVOR, quierida, no desaparezcas, no calles, escribe mas frecuentemente.
    No estais solos. Hay quienes comparten vuestra tragedia, aunque por desdicha no podemos cambiar nada.

    • tu mensaje ha llegado al fundo de mi alma y corazon, me ha hecho escribir de nuevo ❤ el dolor es mas fuerte que todas las palabras y aveces nos sentimos que la escritura n puede hacer nada delante de esa brutalidad alli. lo que me escribiste me da la fuerza para empezar de nuevo . no tengo internet donde estoy en estas dias entonces no puedo compartir muchas historias con vosotros. muchaaas gracias querida ❤ ❤

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  8. I read your post at Srijeet’s and trust me I couldn’t find words. I won’t look good if I tell you how wonderful do you write or how impressed I am with your writings….. But I sure want to tell you I am sad for you….I am sad for every person who gets killed in war….. Peace is the only humane thing on this earth. I love your blog…It would be interesting to have a glance at your life experiences. Love you and many wishes for a peaceful happy life ahead 🙂 Hugs xx

  9. Hi Batool, I’m not on Facebook anymore and changed my email so was wondering if you could send me a line at sreejitpoole927@gmail.com. I wanted to add you as a featured writer at the Seeker’s Dungeon if you’re interested so that your name and gravatar show up with article, and it would give you access to write more there whenever you were interested. If you send me your email, or the mail associated with your wordpress account, then I’ll send you the invitation/ set up.

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