Damascus … simply you

Syria… Damascus… a name as refreshing as a breeze carrying the smell of rain in a starry cold night…

it’s raining here today.. the rain makes me want to cry. A Spaniard friend of mine always wondered why middle eastern 10523170_10205292358498266_3824746113507264245_npeople love the rain this much . he surely never tried walking in the old city when it’s drizzling and bringing all the magical odors from the earth straight to your inner brain cells.. I always felt that cities are alive, they have souls, some are sick souls, some are weak, but the soul of Damascus is like the soul of our first love … it never fades away, it gets back vivid and clear like the very first moment … you live it , then you think you’ll leave peacefully but you find yourself  trapped in the faces of people, in every little detail even the ugly ones, in the faces of beggars of the streets … you suddenly fall in love with the crowded streets and the noises of the hawkers..

Damascus is … Simply Damascus .. the city of magic and passion… a walk from my city to my city (I live in it still)  made me recall all the love I carry though I thought it’s gone … just like the first love…

as we walked in the alleys of the old city, my professor rehearsed a verse by Nizar Qabbani:

The Damascene House
Is beyond the architectural text
The design of our homes…
Is based on an emotional foundation

Damascus top view

Damascus top view

For every house leans… on the hip of another
And every balcony…
Extends its hand to another facing it
Damascene houses are loving houses…
They greet one another in the morning…
And exchange visits… secretly at night 

Al Azm palace

  Al Azm palace

Hard questions

As everyday.. I logged in my daily magazine which is facebook and scrolled down in my homepage, and as every day, pictures of martyrs from Syria were everywhere, pictures of blood and destruction that I almost got used to.

As I studied architecture so most of the pages I liked relate to art, architecture and interior so you can imagine the contrast in this homepage ranging from Antonio Gaudi and Zaha Hadid to Annusra front.


above and down right, photos of destruction in Aleppo .
down left , an execution for two innocent Palestinians by radical extremists in Damascus.


Zaha hadid project Dubai Performing Arts Center

So in one of these pages (interesting engineering) I saw this photo. It shows how some countries changed in a hundred years. The countries were USA, Emirates (mainly Dubai), and Syria. This photo grabbed my attention, it wasn’t actually authentic, I didn’t believe it but… I started reading comments.. It was amazing the amount of ignorance I found out, I won’t say that I know very much about Mali or Myanmar, but at the same time I wouldn’t curse randomly online or give an opinion in something I never read about it or never heard from all the sides..


screenshot from (interesting engineering) facebook page

One of the commenters was surprised that Syria has cars!! 🙂 I didn’t know whether I should laugh or be sorry.

Then I posted a comment though I don’t usually comment on pages, I used to think that’s useless. “yes we had cars, factories, scientists, doctors, … and most important we had a safe life and a civilization that is more than 6000 years old, even our Islam was a better Islam. “

What happened after this comment? 121 likes for this comments and tens of inbox messages like;

Are you really from Syria?

You guys deserve what is happening for you in Syria because you threat peaceful countries like Israel “No offense”

Oh God bless Syria we are praying for peace in your country. (I still don’t know how prayers work in such a situation but I appreciate this)

But the question that made me really helpless was ;

“Please tell us what is happening in Syria.” I got this message from tens of people around the world.

I can write anything on the blank page of their minds, I could be as ignorant as those who were saying stupid things online as long as this person will never see me for real.

How hard! .. It’s not politics, not history, not media,, It’s our lives being discussed irresponsibly stupidly randomly on these pages..

What happened since 1900?? is it freedom? is it democracy?

naive question.. It’s OIL and GAS my friends.



We are here to live

this time dear friends, the absence is infinite..

We need to stand all and raise one voice…

we must say NO for TERRORISM … NO for killing innocent students.. NO for our population bleeding and losing its best young men and women..

We need to stand all together and say we are here to live.. We are here to build..

people outside won’t care for losing one or two or 15 university students as long as they are fighting for gas and oil .. BUT WE DO..

I want to shout and let the world here me



martyrs from left to right, Alaa aldin al qalam – Yehia Harba – Omar Haj Ali – Alaa Al Law
Architecture students


Ammar abdel Aziz – Ammar al mawla – Ibrahim hasan – almothanna rabah


Architecture school.. no words I can say


Have you ever asked yourself what does it mean the word “homeland” to you ?

it’s indescribable, inexpressible, if you were born and lived your whole life in the same city, then this city will live in you not only you live in it. Damascus, the city that wrote my diaries and my whole life. Now day after day, the chapters of my story are being destructed.


school of Architecture-Damascus

Today, my college.. A mortar shell fell in the Damascus School of Architecture today and killed 15 students, more than 25 are injured.. I was watching the photos after I have chosen to kill my emotions.. but how can I !

I spent five years in this college. And it’s not like any other college you may know, it was my home actually.. I spent almost nine hours a day there.

Who wants this to happen in the universities?

The side who wanted in a way or another a strike in all parts of the country?

Or the side that wants people to go to their work and go on with their life?

It doesn’t matter for the mothers of these young guys .. they won’t ask this question now. But soon it will prevent them from closing their eyes a moment at night.

Students of the university of Damascus are now divided into two parts, some of them are asking the management of the university to cancel all the lectures for now until they find a solution for this mortar, the other part refuses to stop going to university, they refuse to obey the will of those who want Syria to die.

In the end, this blood will write a history..

Will tell the world about the students who had to leave so early because the US and its Arab and Turkish allies thought we don’t have democracy..

We had democracy when me and my friends of all sects sat on this table every day, spoke about everything, studied, spent the best times ever.. now .. this blood is not democracy.

in the end I will use a sentence that I heard “when a revolution is made up out of the mosques, it will surely kill students out of university”


Architecture school- students’ cafeteria – Damascus