life is fair but…

I seized a one thousand “Lira” which is the Syrian currency, and looked at it for several minutes… too much detail and actually most of the people didn’t like the new design. I didn’t like the content not the design. Before this Syrian crisis this piece of money was equivalent to 20 dollars and it could feed a family for one day. Now it is not more than 3 dollars and it almost means nothing, you need two of it to prepare an ordinary lunch.1000 lira

They made a new design for money recently, they made it smaller and with less quality I don’t understand the reasons but I know this country is facing very hard times regarding the economic situation and it affects most of the population even more than the lack of security. A government employee earned from 400$ to 600$ a month before the crisis now after this green meaningless paper (money) lost its value that same employee earns no more than 100$ which is only enough to feed his family for half a month…

I remember a time when I was 10 years old and my mom promised she’d give me 1000 Lira when I finish the school year with high grades and that was more than I could imagine… I started making plans of how I will spend all this amount of money. That is not a very very long time ago; it’s only 17 years ago. Now this same amount of money is nothing if you want to buy but the salaries didn’t match this changing situation.

I had 500$ first salary as a junior trainee architect, now after 5 years of experience and currency fail it’s only half that money.

That was not me nagging I learned once a life worth virtue which is unconditional happiness. I can’t always maintain it but I am working on that 😛 that was only an introduction to just show how a human being can be a devil without even noticing. I was in a restaurant with some friends and one of them was telling us about a a pub that opened recently in Damascus with unreasonably high prices comparing to the currency in Syria and the situation as well. A friend of my friend went with her other friend (complicated sentence uh! ) to that pub, ordered  vodka, payed 250$ for that which is enough to give a family of 5 people their food for a whole month in Syria.

In that pub there is a couch that you are only allowed to sit on if you pay 320$ (just for the seat) not to mention the drink… well after having a drink it will rise to 500$ which is enough to close that loan of the poor woman I met in the village before the bank takes her home and throw her and her 2 kids out…

If those people could just replace the currency and pretend that each 500lira = 1 meal would they drink 2 glasses of vodka for 140 meal? Isn’t feeding 140 people more fun ?

What if I was in their shoes and I could afford to live that life!

Would I become such a monster or not?

I hope not.

I am still in the same restaurant we are sitting in and looking at women and men there… women look like they spent the whole day in front of the mirror, but they still look fake with hollow eyes that never shine, and men look like nothing… nothing at all … not even like men … I recall the face of a mother I met few days ago… a mother who lost her son in war… I recalled every wrinkle in her face … all that weight she carries on her heart… her black dress… her white hair… I recalled her weak voice and her slow moves when she opened her hand bag and showed us the photo of her son … and that tender look in her eyes when she looked at him again… her son went to war because he couldn’t pay to go anywhere else… now he is just in a photo in his mother’s hand bag … that empty hand bag… I believe now that war loves to devour the poor and lets those pub people alive to enjoy it more.

Now I understand what Jibran Khalil Jibran meant when he said “Make me, oh God, the prey of the lion, ere You make the rabbit my prey” I don’t want to be the prey of a lion and I will never be like them… not because I can’t it’s because I don’t want to… but do we all have a choice to be whatever we want to be? I don’t know if that son ever wanted to be a “dead son” for a very “poor mother”