a year, a tear and a smile …

Two days ago, I typed the word “Levant woman” in google search engine, my blog was the first search result. I clicked on it and noticed an orange cup, it was the first time I get such a notification. I clicked on it and waited for it to tell me what is this cup standing for, the internet doesn’t always help me here. then this sentence appeared “Happy anniversary with wordpress.com!” ….


yes, It’s been a year since I first tried to speak up my thoughts. That sentence made me smile and go back in time. It sounded a long long time to me, and that depressed sad lady who lost her way seems to have foggy lineaments that makes it hard for me to recognize she was “me” but the truth is, she’s really me, though my hair is longer than hers and my eyes are colder with less tears waiting on my hem. but we’re the same.

a year is a long long time…

In this long time I learnt that time doesn’t heal as we’ve been told.

I learnt that we don’t over come the pain in time unless we decide to.

I learnt that in time, we become the character we choose to play in life theater. if we choose to be the victim, we become what we choose. if we choose to be the hero, here we are , the heroes. it’s all about your attitude.

finally, I learnt that I’m the queen of the universe 🙂 and that was the most precious thing I discovered this year.

6 thoughts on “a year, a tear and a smile …

  1. What a lovely post. It is so nice to hear your last comment that your learnt you are the Queen of the Universe. One we find we are truly comfortable in our own skin is when we begin to live. Well done and congratulations.

  2. What a striking photograph. I, too, just passed the one year anniversary of my blog. I sometimes wonder what it is that makes someone a hero. Sometimes it’s just seeing someone, like you, who is going through a tough time with grace and forbearance, who hasn’t lost her strength and who grows in wisdom. We should all have heroes like you.

    • Thank you Daan 🙂 things are going okay , I’m fine trying to improve my inner spirit and I’m doing well in this. how are you ? hope you are doing great 🙂

      • That is good to hear. I’m doing good as well. Back to school, studying. Trying to make something of my future. 🙂

        I’m happy you have the strength to improve your inner spirit. Keep up the good work. You’re an incredibly strong person. Be proud of yourself. 🙂

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