three things I learnt in war:
– Some times, It’s not wise to talk on behalf of people you don’t live with…
– it’s not wise to stick to some “ideological expressions” and attitudes without revolving 360 degrees around a conflict. seeing things from thousand miles far is not as clear as being inside.
– in war or in life in general, It’s smart to change your tactic, your goals, so it’s not a loss when you and the one you are fighting with find a way to share a piece of the cake instead of spoiling it all on the floor.

Al-Must'arib (the vocational Mossarab)

Today I am going to share the transcription of a conversation I had on Facebook with a Syrian friend who lives far from that hell, and supports the revolution (NOT the islamists, it must be said and remarked, as most of those arabs supporting revolutions from out of Middle East are everything except islamists).

Many times we have discussed and talked about the long time ago-called “Arab Spring”, and specially about Syria. She always insisted to me that the bad guy was Assad and that they were on the good side, and islamists were a necessary evil in the fight against the oppressor, but harmless, as far as “Syrians will never accept their doctrine, because Syrians live all together side by side, despite what they believe… our fight is political, not religious. It’s the regime who accuses us of being islamists, but islamists are only one section of the…

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  1. hmmmm I know i live abroad…. I know that I am not Syrian… nor arab…. and I know I may be an opinionated big mouth, so,… I admit those limits to my credibility. BUT… someone said once that “Everyone’s opinions are like everyone’s butt… everyone has their own”… and there’s smthg I can tell for sure… My concern about everything happening in Middle East is honest to the bone… so I admit I may be mistaken in my choice of sources for getting knowledge and the conclusions I get from this…. and I admit that I will keep my discourse sided according to the way I see things…

    On the other side… many times looking at things from a distance is the best way to see them in perspective. As I may be sided, but never as much as someone in direct touch with that hell you are all living. Please take care, señorita…. and thanks a lot for reblogging!! 😉


    • it’s very normal for anyone in the world from Chile to Canada to Australia to south africa to think or say what ever they want abt the Syrian conflict, what I find “not normal” is to think that your idea or what you want is final and absolute truth and you don’t accept to move a centimeter after the situation on the ground became unbearable.. what people outside Syria want doesn’t really matter .. WHAT WE WANT MATTERS AND WE WANT PEACE … peace and love be upon you 🙂

      • My idea of how things should go is exclusively mine… and not an absolute truth of any kind. Also is not immovable, as everything can be agreed thru dialogue (smthg I also suggested as the best way to accelerate the end of this shameful war in time to build smthg after the war) … and my opinion can adapt to that dialogue. And all I can do is to offer my thoughts, if they help in any way… but taking them is not compulsory as well,…

        Regarding the importance of what ppl out of Syria thinks… if it had not mattered, this war would have finished maybe long ago, in a blood bathing of repression, most surely, as weapons before war started were only in one side. But would be finished right now. With son like father carrying the legend of “butcher of Hama”…. but it seems that this time, people from abroad thought about it,…people from the west… and the gulf… and russia…. and iran… and things went on, as when we fought here our civil war, and communist russians supported the republic, while nazi germans and fascist italians supported the army dictatorship… or same as happened in Lebanon when Syrians supported one faction and Israelis the other…. every time that happens, and what people thinks “outside” makes them intervene,… conflicts last longer, and death tolls rise taller…

        So yes… what people thinks outside Syria matters, for good or bad… and better to take in consideration those voices who talk about peace and agreement,… even when things are so different when u live under mortars and noise of MIG’s.

        Best of lucks and all my love and support for you and for Syria, Levantine… I truly mean it.

  2. Someone said ‘Do not mock a pain you haven’t endured.’ But we can talk about it. I wish there was a way to cut through all the chatter and get to the bottom of all the rhetoric and make people understand the horror of war. If they did, maybe it wouldn’t happen over and over again. But there are always those who sit in comfort and push buttons and talk talk talk and they aren’t the ones’ who have mortars falling on thier houses. I can only help by listening and thinking and talking? It’s very frustrating. I wish someone, somewhere would listen.

    • Dear when I said some of my words I said then with anger but now I feel less angry.. and i know this is how the world works. When people of Somalia suffered hunger and starvation I stood watching and could do in such situations people outside can’t do anything i just wish they don’t judge and throw fuel on the fire … of course people like you have enough goodness to make me forget about anger 🙂
      and guess what Dear Laura, I had dream the other night that I visited Canada 😛 if that dream comes true I surely want to visit you too ! 😀

      • What a treat it would be to show you around! There is so much to see and do and it’s SO BIG! I like the mountains. The Rockies near Banff and the little towns along the valleys. The back woods dirt roads and natural hotsprings and lakes and glacier fed streams that are ice cold in August…ahhh, so lovely.
        But to take up our discussion, briefly. Edmund Burke said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Just by writing this, you have done something, you’ve touched people and changed hearts. In Somalia, in Rwanda, in the Phillipines, all over the world people are suffering as they always have. It is our duty to watch this suffering and to speak of it. Not to pretend it isn’t happening. Weakness is ignoring it. Strength is being able to look on suffering and wait for the moment you can help. Always be outraged. Always be ready to speak out. As you do in your gentle way. We are here. We listen. We hear you. And I say again. What I can do to help, I will do. I speak of the plight of the Syrian people and we all wish we could snap our fingers and stop this madness. But even in the darkest times there are moments of joy, I hope. I know that you will come out of this stronger and you’ll find your peace. And come visit!

      • geez…. how different it sounds to Toronto!…. I spent a whole year there unable to visit neither the east coast nor the west… but who knows!… maybe we can all meet there some day? 😉 Take care u both, sweet ladies!

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