Who can claim they see the reality!

What is the reality of what we see?

This is a question I’ve always asked to myself and it’s still unsolved.

What if other people see this blanket differently? What if that yellow color doesn’t look like I see it to everybody else? Now what if they hear my voice not the same way I hear it?

I studied in hand drawing lectures a long time ago about perspective; things don’t look the way they really are, our eyes use a trick in seeing  lines, areas, and also colors that makes it able to include the world in that small pupil we have in our eyes.

–          Things look smaller than they are when they are further.

–          Paralleled lines (which are impossible to meet in reality) actually meet in one point. This point is as high as your eye’s height.

–          The view of any object differs due to where you stand.

These laws and many other that explain the perspective made me always wonder, WHAT IS THE REALITY!?perspective

The few past weeks made me ask myself that question again. Changing my “eyes location” made me see things differently. Some big things looked smaller to me when I got further, and other small things looked bigger. Some bright things looked much darker from a different point of view.

In this time I worked in a private university “Qalamoun University” as an assistant in architecture department. That area is mostly in the hands of the government but people there are relatively supporting the FSA (free Syrian army). I used to think these people as “Islamist monsters” who want me dead just because I’m not wearing Hijab (veil). Anyway I decided to go there and work despite the image I had and despite the danger around where the only people you find 25 meters out of the university are armed fighters and thieves.

First day there, I sat on a desk in the university looking at the deserted mountains. They look amazing like the dress of a

Qalamoun mountains

dancer changing colors and shades with every move under the big blue sky. But inside; I knew they have their own dark side, they are full of armors who wear black and shout “ Allahu Akbar”  (God is great) when they behead another human being.

I-myself- suffered a lot because of those fighters; I lost my job, my fiancé, my secure life and many friends. I can count many more. All I could hear before is my voice; my suffering looked the biggest in the world that anyone on the other side looked like a devil to me for a while.

I found that people there are just like me and my family, they have the same fears, the same hopes and worries. We are so much the same on a different side.

When this whole cradle started in Syria they didn’t fear those voices calling for an Islamic government as they are Muslims and an Islamic government will not change their life routine, this is what a woman there told me, so they supported the revolution physically and emotionally. Then they saw how foreign countries intervene in this war and pay money to strengthen a side on another, they saw how those radicals grew stronger everyday with the help of foreign fighters who don’t even speak Arabic and don’t accept anything or anyone that doesn’t kneel in front of them or in front of their black flag. That is the moment when they were the biggest losers; they are in the middle of this war with no one to protect them. At first they fought the government and now there are those foreign black flagged fighters in their land, the big battle between the government forces and fighting brigades will be on their own land.

I heard many and many stories about people who were kidnapped by rebels and then arrested by government forces for suspecting them in something they didn’t do.

I couldn’t ensure I’ll be safe if they know about my religious views or political views but when they thought I’m really one of them they were open to me. But.. I’m really one of them.. we think we’re different sides because we’re not open to each other . I suffered too, I cried too for people I love just like them. I was insecure and I was discriminated against also for religious reasons. But… if they knew who I am or who my family is, they will surely not believe me when I say I understand how they feel , I understand every feeling they had once and I know how they wanted their hearts to stop beating and how the only wish they had sometimes is a descent death.

I wish there’s a way people can switch their parts sometimes and move to another side, move up or down to see differently. Move the whole way around the box to see it all and know that the only truth they knew is not a truth.


I really don’t know. I’m so limited to know, but I know I am and There must be a way to remind people in the world of the laws of perspective. they must remember they shouldn’t be afraid of their reflection in the mirror.


8 thoughts on “Who can claim they see the reality!

  1. What you write speaks so beautifully to what is in my heart. Our perspective here is sometimes skewed by so many factors it’s hard to tell what is real and what is being imagined. We can’t see into the hearts of our closest neighbors or even our best friends, as much as we’d like to think we can, never mind an entire culture. But we can try. With the help of people like you, we can see through the distortion of distance. We can place ourselves in their parallel lines and we can at least try to see what they see. Where they are coming from and where they want to go.

    Religious differences are, to me, sometimes the most frightening, because they inspire the most impassioned response. Here, there are religious political groups that can hold our entire country hostage and shut it down. It’s almost impossible to believe that a minority can do this, but they can, they have and they will continue to do it. They claim they have political votes, but they don’t have majority votes. It’s so confusing and scary. Who knows what they will get us into next? I have to admit, regardless of what I wrote above, about trying to understand, I don’t want to understand these Tea Party conservatives here. They are too much of everything. Too religious, too war like, too conservative, too anti women, too pro gun…it’s just too much. But I’ll bet there are lots of things about their stance that I don’t see because of my liberal background. Don’t see because they are so far to the right. Don’t, in fact, want to see.

    You have always inspired me. You continue to. I am so happy you and your sister and, I hope, the rest of your family, remain safe. You are often in my thoughts, along with your countrymen and women.

  2. I have been looking out for your post, and I had only said to my wife this week that you had not updated your blog for a few weeks. It is good to know you are safe, as the news from Syria is never uplifting.

    Perspective is a gift that we should share widely, for we are our own worse enemy, and recognising this can only be a good thing, no matter our beliefs.

    Until your next post.


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