ten years isn’t a very long time to forget that much (Iraq – Syria)

Ten years ago, I was sixteen at high school with no political interests. Somehow all I cared about was how to keep the first place at school for me.

I woke up in a normal day , dressed up ..I Heavily moved to the kitchen and had a breakfast ..

you never notice those memorable days when you first wake up. I never knew this day was to remember at that time. The school bus was here to pick me up.. no songs in the school bus , no murmuring, no gossip, nothing at all.

When I first got into the class I saw girls weren’t normal.. What’s wrong with you girls??! I asked .. then a friend of mine -Fatima who I never saw after tenth grade- couldn’t stop her tears, she burst into tears telling me that Baghdad has fallen ….



And silence…

American missiles were hitting Baghdad all night long because “Saddam had a nuclear weapon hiding it somewhere” ..

After ten years of destruction, turned out that Iraq had no nuclear at all, and it was a mistake…

A MISTAKE … really, the death of one is a tragedy the death of millions is a statistic.

I’m full of anger of injustice

Millions died in Iraq… Now they are preparing for the same scenario here… Millions can die here too .. And then the next American president can show up in front of his people and apologize for the small mistake that the previous one has made… he might also say he was a selfish glory seeker  and everything will be ok .. He will be the brave man who confesses his “regime’s” mistake…

But what about those million… what if I was one of them…

I wouldn’t want to be forgotten. I’d want my soul to torture your conscious.. all of the humanity conscious for the crimes of wars and silence..

And since tonight, I don’t want to sleep… I don’t want to wake up and know that Damascus has fallen. Because you never realize your day will be memorable when you first wake up, I will not sleep… 


6 thoughts on “ten years isn’t a very long time to forget that much (Iraq – Syria)

  1. These Western Countries treat the others especially Asians as 4th Grade people.they like to use the fuel to their Machinery..they do not consider these even Human beings..but just a testing Material to their weapons …They target weaker ones as n when they feel bored with the word People..They for their benefit treat Hindu,Sikh and muslim alike.. But since their worst defeat through Afganistan I Taliban..they lured Indian to fight their war inTerrorised Pak/Afgan soil to save their men..they destroyed the Indian Economy under The Shadow of Friendship…so all the nations should once for all make a Human chain to stop,Al Quida, etc sponsored by America..

    • And then u see indians treating other indians like cow shit, afghans treating other afghans like pork blood, pakistanis treating other pakistanis like goat pee, arabs treating arabs like camel farts and then all among theem with certain amount of wealth and power treating all the rest as half slaves. It’s not a matter of east/west-North/south… it’s not a matter of religion, ethnia or history… it’s not that we are evil and asians are victims. Men are men. Whatever the excuse we use to justify ourselves. EVERYWHERE. ALL OF US, AS SOON AS WE GOT A CHANCE. So if you see evil, whoever makes it happen…. go against it. Also when is your neighbour who pulls the trigger, and not a pink skinned ‘morican somwhere infront of a screen.

  2. I hope you are alright. I think of you often and your sisters, too. Please let me know if I can send you anything to ease your day. Art supplies or something. I wish I could offer more than words. My heart is breaking to read your words. Be safe.

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