I am a snail, I am a mountain


one sun set in syria (26-5-2913) – picture is taken by me

the scene started in the bus, me – sitting next to the window, watching the yellow mountains of Damascus. No sign for life in these deserted mountains though I know a lot of insects and plants struggled to live in this yellow dry land, for no particular reason except that it’s THEIR land.

For the first time in these  two exhausting  years , I’m leaving Damascus for a while, my trip is in Syria too but … well leaving Damascus at this hard time felt like a betrayal for “her “ .

It’s Strange how you can feel guilty for leaving your city, treating it as another sad soul in this tragic area. It’s not only a place to live in, It’s literally MY STORY ..

Being you in the time of war is something you must always keep in mind. you should be aware you are not becoming a monster or a fragile butterfly following any source of light even if it’s the light of fire that will burn her wings.

Being you and only you, not that creature they try to mold and create through TV screens and news broadcasts, is the only thing you need to struggle for.

There after three hours the bus stopped.. we weren’t hunt on the road.. it was a safe trip luckily. And there I am , for the first time in 2 years I breath deep, I fill my lungs with air and don’t want to think again.. just want to breath and rest that small brain.

Syria is well known now in the whole world for being the most dangerous place to live in. well in this “most dangerous” place I was blessed to be able to discover I’m not completely damaged,  I still can see beauty , and knew that storms are a part of nature, no storm could ever end the life in any part of this world.

So here I am, writing this post on the beach and listening to Frank Sinatra, moon river – well I know I have an old fashioned music taste- and even when I’m back there to Damascus I will always think of that little snail on the grass that is so slow moving forward but knows exactly what it wants and knows how to protect itself from storms and other bad animals .

I will always put in mind that these mountains were here thousands years ago. They welcomed anything the universe gave, and so they are now green, wild and strong.

And I will say to the world, I am a snail, a mountain and a continuous waterfall ..


an unexpected lovely scene , picture is taken by me


17 thoughts on “I am a snail, I am a mountain

  1. What a lovely post. It really made me think. It tears my heart to see such a beautiful country and it’s people going through this. I wish I could help you. If the mail does work tell me what you need and I will send it. Tea or candy for your Mom and sister? Something, I wish I knew what, for you. Because you are so wonderful.

    • Oh dear Laura, you always make me smile with your nice comments. I’d love to receive some candy or a post card or anything from a sweet woman like you and to send you back anything you’d like to have from Syria (it’s not all about war btw) , but it’s kind of hard now though, so i think I’ll wait until things get better and mail works properly again ^_^ ❤

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