How I realized that ant and I resemble

I spent almost an hour today watching some small lovely ants. I let my imagination lead me deep into their busy lives. I think this small ant is still a kid, and that one is an ant who has a family, it looks quite big and strong (I don’t really know if ants have families but those hard workers must be working for something important I wanted to call “family” or “the will of life” or who knows what extinct it could be) .


How I realized the ant and I resemble

These ants were heading to their secret safe kingdom somewhere behind my door. I thought to myself “Oh these ants are too small to be seen for someone who’s walking, they must be in permanent danger”. I wonder how many of them I killed every time I went in and out of my room, though I have to admit I never noticed there are ants there before. I’m not the “animals’ rights person” but it was an interesting view to watch.

These ants went to collect their food all day long, despite the permanent danger they face, despite the fact that they may not come back again, and I – the one who kills without even giving a damn attention- don’t really care for this kid ant or for that “father “ ant as my imagination told me. This image brought back to my head another image on a bigger scale.

I and people like me – the one who kill ants without giving an attention- we are the victims of another system that’s being oppressed on earth. WE are the ants of this global system, I’ll tell you how;

Some countries or governments  (the big ones) want to pass to their goals like wealth, land control, water control, Oil control, and many other goals you know.. while they pass to fulfill their goals they turn on the WAR button, it’s a dangerous game like a gamble you either lose or win what you want, but who cares some politicians love the Adrenaline rush in their veins. What happens after they turn on that button? Some people (like me , like other Syrians, like Iraqis, Afghanis, Palestinians, etc…) will play the Ants part in this play. It’s the most pitiful harsh part in the play. People ants are used to gain support, their blood is used for propaganda, and their cries are only heard when it’s necessary. Ants in human war are us.. It’s such a blessing for real ants that their death isn’t being used to gain the support of other ant kingdoms, they must don’t know how shameful it is for human ants.

The war in Syria is more than two years long by now, If that massacre there serves my (as a politician)  political goals then all the world will know about it, I will use their blood to the last drop, I will even use their dry blood in the pictures if it serves my goals..

If it serves my goals I will clean the criminal’s hands in the international society and make them look as freedom fighters because this fighter ant is a loyal ant.. and while I pass there to take what I turned the war on for, I will pass on all the ants, fighter ants and peaceful ants they all look the same.

So , In the end of this Ants time I ended up feeling smaller than an ant, Russia and America (and some other powers in the background) made some deal that I don’t know what could do on the ground since I can’t believe media or even analysis, I and other Syrian ants are watching, wishing this would help them stop killing us. Hoping we are not too small to be seen for someone who’s walking.


Kerry – Lavrov



4 thoughts on “How I realized that ant and I resemble

  1. It’s all a scam, Levant.

    The only reason why Africa remains poor, is because we don’t allow them to.

    The economy is constructed in such a way, that there is always someone that needs to suffer, for others to live the good life.

    You know what could solve everyone’s problems? If all the — fucking — fat cats (millionaires, billionaires) in the world gave up most of their money and were forced to sit on their ass for the rest of their lives.

    The economy is constructed in such a way, that there’s only so much money in the world, and the only reason why there is war and poverty is because there are a few of those fucking idiots that want it all.

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