my city ….

Tonight that was my view….
I still have connection till the moment.
I’m full of every bad feeling you can imagine
that’s absolutely not freedom
When US says they will put the right weapons in the right hand.. that is what they mean.. another Iraq, another Hiroshima ?
Wake up .. FREEDOM fighters don’t exist
I don’t know if there will be any tomorrow here.. but I hope people will wake up.

sincerely from Syria


20 thoughts on “my city ….

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  2. The world I fear is waiting rather than watching, our politicians are out of their depth, having been so indecisive on the issue of democracy in Syria in the past. I have wanted to like every one of your posts, but how can the word like be associated with such images of inhumanity. Therefore, this message is my token of admiration for all your efforts on your insightful blog.
    I fear the darkest days for the peoples of Syria are yet to come and we can only hope for a swift political solution to this confusing conflict. For only through talking and compromise can your suffering and all the suffering of the peoples of the world who are afflicted by the cruelty of conflict, and tyranny is resolved.
    I wish you well, and may you and all those you love remain safe and remember not all the world is sleeping. Many of us are donating money to help those who have left Syria, I know this may seem insufficient given the dismal situation within Syria but it is something that ordinary people can do to help and it is independent of our political masters.

    • It was very nice reading your comment.. I do appreciate all those people around the world who try to help Syrian people in every way they can.. even if it was too small , it sure can draw a smile on someone’s face.
      Thank you for reading and paying attention ❤

    • I can’t tell .. Al-Baath and Palestine have the same flag.. but since it’s on the top of a building then it’s more likely to refer to Al-Baath.

  3. It is so hard to think of something to say, other than I hope you remain as safe as you can be under these circumstances. Our thougths and prayers will be with you.

  4. We are working hard to get Obama out of office, we may be in that process this week with hearings on Benghazi. I promise there is a group in America trying to work for the Syrian people interests, we are here exposing the corruption. Its taking a very long time because our movement requires the masses to achieve its goals, so right now we are fighting the war in the information realm waking people up and these past months we have started winning. There is still hope! God will watch & protect his children.

  5. Wishing you all the best. I know this was a while ago, but I also know, it’s not quite over, the horrors that are being faced everyday. Love and hugs. My heart is sending you and everyone struggling with this everyday, warm wishes and best thoughts to stay strong.

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