I’m Syrian, I got used to it.


How much more will the conflict last? A question that is not being asked anymore here in Syria.

I don’t know if that’s good or bad. In the past two years, I was always surprised by this great machine.  which machine? Well it’s the human. What a great creature, despite all humans obstacles, I’m not speaking about them .. I’m speaking about the way it works, the way it analyses and the most important.. the way it “adapts” .

Syria is considered now the worst country to live in. the first “insecure” place in the world, a place where you can find all kind of terrorists and outlaws .. where university students can’t attend their classes and people are losing their jobs.. where going out for ordinary daily staff is a heroic and epic adventure. So can you imagine –just for example- what were the majority of young Syrian guys doing yesterday? …. I’m sure you can’t.. they were celebrating a FOOTBALL game.. Yes, Barcelona Vs. Bayern.

People here don’t want to die, also don’t want to live like dead, guys still have the right to enjoy a football game and celebrate a victory that is not even theirs nor their national team’s .. well Barcelona lost yesterday 😛

Now that was the bright side of the “Adaption” process..

Before the “revolution” started in Syria, there were a video on youtube showing a girl being hit on public. That was because she ran away with a guy of a different religion , they wanted to get married . this video spread widely and made a huge wave of anger , we weren’t used to see such violent and keep silent..

Now, after the “freedom” era , I’ve seen so much violence around..

A man being hit on public and led naked through the streets of Tripoli

An ambassador being tortured and killed also on public.

A girl hit in Tahrir square also publicly ..

I can mention thousands of stories from Syria, all documented but I won’t.

Now no one stops at these pictures more than a minute , though anyone may be in the victim’s shoes tomorrow but no one wants to see .. this is also an adaption .. you want to get used to the blood view , to people being slayed , and be able to watch a football game or a talents show after you watch the news .

Who can blame people for trying to get used to this chaotic situation ?

People outside –especially Syrians who left- blame Syrians who are inside for trying to be alive and adapting with everything around.. why ? why do they have the right to leave while the others don’t have the right to adapt ?

Why do they have the right to be a virtual “revolutionaries”  and at the same time be in a party in Dubai, While the inside Syria people must not get used to the blood color just to be able to sleep at night?

That reminded me of a sentence I read once, a child talking to his father:

Do you know what we learned today?

They explained us something about adaption, when there is a bad smell , our nervous system receives alerts.. we feel bad for a while and then this bad feeling starts to fade away gradually. Do you know what that means ? it means that there are sensitive bristles in our nose which actually died .. Dad, We don’t get used to bad things unless something inside dies..

This something that dies makes us stronger, less sensitive, more human , like a piece of iron, it’s beaten, cooled, heated to red, beaten again and again, and turns into a flexible shiny blade, for a human it’s absolutely not the same, but if we survived this process I hope our shiny blades will be able to cut that robe of ignorance and radicalism that is trying to keep tight around our necks.

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21 thoughts on “I’m Syrian, I got used to it.

  1. Getting used to it is probably what makes me the most sad. When kids in Palestine don’t flinch at the sound of percussion grenades and tear gas canisters and apaches and F-16s because they were born to these sounds and don’t know what life is like not hearing them. That is fucking devastating to me.

    • In the Palestine example it’s a bit different yes, here in Syria you get used to it with a heartache, you wish to not remember how it was before, but honestly even birds are not afraid of grenades and bombing sounds ..

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  3. Excuse my language, but: Fuuuuck…

    “We don’t get used to bad things unless something inside dies…” – That killed me inside.

    I retweeted this, shared it on my wife’s facebook (I’m sorry, I don’t have facebook) and suggested it to Freshly Pressed. This should be read by the world.

    Diamonds are created under long periods of high pressure — stress. That’s why they are the hardest, most beautiful material found in nature.

    You are a diamond, Levantine. Absolutely.

  4. Our government is talking about an invasion of Syria over a chemical attack. I felt like I needed to warn you, violence will increase the days before our arrival and we will bomb any major cities. Stay away from heavy population centers for a bit. May God be with you!

      • I am so sorry if this does happen, they are going to kick Assad out and put their puppet in. Your nation needs to band together and let them hear your voice. They’ll try to hold elections just make sure you are heard. Thats all I can say, and if you don’t like who they put into power, make sure they let your people take care of it. Please keep me updated and let me know if you see anything suspicious at all, there will be false flag chemical attacks. The war machine over here isn’t doing so well we are opposing them in much bigger numbers by the day, once we handle our country I feel like much of the worlds grief will end.

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  6. You my dear are a very brave and courageous woman, by remaining true to your country and speaking your story.
    I want you to know that there are people around the world,,,that do know what’s going on over there, and do care.
    It is hard to see what I see on tv,,,and even more scary to even think of what we are not seeing or hearing.
    I am going to reblog this on my blog,,,in hoping that more notice will be made towards the atrocities going on in Syria.
    Please continue to write,,,you have a place in my heart.

  7. Reblogged this on Just Another Canadian Gurl and commented:
    Please take a moment, and read this blog. It is the renditions of a young woman, trying to simply lead her life, while a war erupts around her. She is a very strong and courageous woman and her story DESERVES to be heard!
    Let’s get the word out around the world,,,that these atrocities need to STOP!

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