Happens, sometimes that you want to…

It happens sometimes that you have a heart that doesn’t fit right in its place .. it needs a bigger room .. your chest isn’t big enough maybe .. so it beats fast all the time, and wants to stop every now and then ..


Happens sometimes that you want to change your lungs , because they are too small.. you try to inhale all the air in the atmosphere to get enough Oxygen and feel  breathing makes sense like before .. like the air is reaching your brain and your vessels ..

Happens sometime that you want bigger eyes .. to see beyond  material .. to see all those who left , all those you miss .. bigger eyes that can see the truth, where no truth matters but the color of your blood, and the origin of your riffle.  

You may want to change your voice , your throat , your generous lacrimal gland, and your small busy brain …

Also, it happens that you want to change your memory .. get a short term memory .. a memory of a fish maybe , the five seconds memory .. then you won’t even know about your heart or eyes or lungs …

And the worst that happens, is sometimes you want to change the fact .. then you recognize how hollow you are..  recognize that changing your heart is more rational than changing the damn fact.. war is crazy ..

If stopping the war is not in the hands of those who fight.. Nor in the hands of those who die.. then let me change my eyes  or lungs, makes more sense ..



4 thoughts on “Happens, sometimes that you want to…

  1. War is distortion in the music of creation. And also an indesirable essential part of who we are right now. If we were the creators… even if we were the creators we’d all want to have our own project. And it would crash against others. It’s within us to grow up being individualists, smthg different than ants and bees. And even them do fight at wars.

    Every time I think of Syria I feel it so close to here… it hurts. And I wish it was better than it was for us.

    And about stopping a war … that is in the hands of all of us… war ends as soon as we stop forgetting that we are all a same kind. Ants and bees. Ciclically clashing, just to hate it and get back to peace. Just the hate for fighting and suffering prevents people to repeat the experience.

    But to reach there, I guess ppl must restart their mindwork and get into thinking.

    Too much effort as it seems. People must be remembered it’s worth it.

    Thanks God there’s women like you to make them notice. Let’s pray then u r heard.

  2. Yes, sometimes it happens, the weather of humanity, breaks bad in the weather of our organs, heart, mind, and soul, even across our skin, as we long for a gentler weather to seduce us, the places and people, without all the madness, and chaos. I hope you and your family find kinder weather soon, and that all that makes you, flourishes by the the light of the sun and moon.

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