You and me..


I look at the pictures of the slains, I wonder .. who can kill this way ?

Everybody can..

Except you and me.. because we are deficient..

We need to wait for other human beings who can stop this.

Other people who are deficient like you and me

Who are mentally deficient.. who suffer lack of power .. lack of heroism ..

People who are sluggish and coward ..

Just like you and me..

■ ■ ■ ■

You and me , my resemble… are deficient .. and we are truly a minority even if we are majority, in fact we are no more than a whiff in front of the real men .

I had my hope once.. and I dreamed of a big flood to wipe out all this ugliness, but Noah will again bring back a new human race, more despicable, less human..

The consolation is that I don’t know anything about the future, so I still can build my hopes on the cloud.. I still can hope I can wake up in another land .. open my eyes and see other people.. people who only have kindness in their eyes.



feelings by “Onsi Al haj”  .. parts chosen and rewritten by me 

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