In Syria, religion Sacrifice out of history books

ImageI was reading about the “Sacrifice” in different religions, and I was horrified when I read about some ancient civilizations who sacrificed one of their citizens yearly to the god of sun or fire or whatever they worshiped.  I watched some pictures and had some doubts that maybe we can’t understand what was going on there at that time and maybe it’s not a sacrifice, maybe it is .. but still freezes me the vision of myself being sacrificed, led through the stairs of the temple to be slayed while everybody is watching me and praising the god.

Then I just thought, what will we leave for future anthropologists and archaeologists  for their

researches to study and explore our current era, here particularly in Syria. I mean just in case the whole civilization was wiped out like ancient ones,  and all was left was few pictures and few scripts..

What will they think of this picture, maybe they’ll think these people worshiped the “God of blood” and this man was the sacrifice of spring, as they considered spring was the beginning of the year. They wanted the blessing from that god so they slayed him .. but the rituals for this nation said that the sacrifice must be led through the city for all the people to see him and praise the “lord of blood” .. future anthropologists will be close to the truth actually if they said so, but they won’t be right in details.


This man, Nidal Jannoud, a poor man who had nothing but his truck which he used to sell the vegetables, was  kidnapped, tortured and dragged down the street, at the end they slaughtered him !! and yes as a sacrifice for the god of radicals. Because he belonged to a minority sect and that god loved the blood of minorities.

Now what if they found this script :

“We will mince them with the mincing machine and feed their flesh to dogs”

Sheikh Adnan al-Arur

Future history researchers will be confused by this script, mince what, who?! our sins ? sins have no flesh.. mince the devils ? what did this man want to say?

At that time I won’t be there to tell them, He literally means this, it’s not a rhetorical image. We will mince everyone who doesn’t have our faith.

Today is the second memory of Nidal Jannoud.. after him many thousands of innocents were also sacrificed to that same god.. many whose souls won’t be able to rest in peace until their country rests in peace too.

5 thoughts on “In Syria, religion Sacrifice out of history books

    • In fact I can’t understand why everybody is so surprised now. What surprises me is not reading this side of the story in the media, for many different reasons no one mentions it. “It’s us, the spectators, to blame for not preventing it looking away” completely true. Sad, but true. For him: RIP, for the rest of the Syrian people: keep strong

  1. It could happen here in North America. Thank you for reading my post re Syria. Now I think it was too facile. But I believe in peace and I believe you will prevail. Don’t let the small minded religious right dictate who runs your lovely country! We are struggling against that all over the world.

    • I never thought your post was facile at all, I did like it..
      we are struggling and will always struggle .. but yet we are too small when the “BIG” countries want something to be done.

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