Being lucky where luck has packed and left..

Lost and heartbroken, I sit in my room, despite the death around I chose to play a Spanish song that I hardly understand.. freezing to the bones though the springy breezes and green trees making a rustle that I used to feel lovely a long ago but not anymore..

It’s another bomb attack.. in the place where I was supposed to meet a friend if I woke up
Imagea bit earlier. But I missed the appointment for I was too lazy to wake up.. or maybe too lucky to wake up?  Am I really lucky for not waking up?

Should I keep on sleeping until this all ends ?

My friend wrote about her lucky father too.. Actually he woke up, and went to his appointment which was in the same place of the bomb attack, how was he lucky then ? by being a hundred meters away..

Adrenaline rush in his blood… all his life passed in his mind for few seconds.. he fell down.. after he made sure he’s alive, he checked out his legs, his hands.. he could move them .. “Thank God I’m alive, I can move” that was his first thought..

What about the rest of those who weren’t lucky enough to sleep more and miss their appointments? Or to be a hundred meters away ?

more than 10 girls.. 10 students until this moment, of those who woke up early and went to school, will today sleep eternally without the sound of “Democracy” to disturb their deep sleep.


you just can’t understand a human being actions.. I mean;

Despite this destruction and this unbearable situation around you still be thankful for staying alive (like me and my friend’s father), and at the same time another human being comes from a different place, a different continent sometimes.. gives up his life in a suicide bomb attack to kill other innocent school students.. why? to go to heaven.. because these students shouldn’t have been at school .. they should have stayed at home, emptied the city for the “rebels” to end up what they came for .. they came from different places around the world to “raise the word of God” as they believe.. that God who feeds on blood Is definitely not the same God I know..

Who knows, maybe I was lucky not to wake up . maybe I wasn’t . maybe it’s life giving me more time to feel this heartache and anger of this injustice of the world..

The anger for those innocents sleeping eternally by those seeking for their God who feeds on blood and mothers’ tears..



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