Curses you be born with if you are Syrian.


this is how i look like

There is always something you can’t see in the news. There are always people who were born with the curse of being a complementary part of a sentence, or an ornamental column that would change nothing if removed except the to decline the amount of drama in the scene. Like this:

“Dr. M. Sa’id Ramadan Al-Bouti was murdered on 21/3/2013 in Al-Eman mosque in Damascus by a suicide bomber while giving a religion lesson. 48 others were killed by the terrorist attack.”

 Another curse that you may be born with, the numbers curse. It means when your whole existence, your whole story, dreams, and fears all become a number on the news headlines. Look at this headline:

“25 Killed by Rocket with Chemical Materials Fired by Terrorists in Aleppo Countryside.”

You may be born with the curse of being a part of a group you don’t belong to. But you still have the fears of this group because if you accept it or not you are a part and you will be treated as a part. If you are born Christian you ARE a Christian then, no matter if you believe in it or not, if they force migration on the Christians then you must leave.

sectarian slogan in Idlib

this slogan says: Sunnis are not a sect, they are the nation, while all others are sects.

Want to know another curse?

The curse of being born as an Arab. You don’t get to choose to be born here in a land that has a huge amount of oil and gas, a land that has the most important routs in the world to grab the attention of those pigs who never get enough, but at the same time a land that is ruled by idiots.  The perfect recipe (gas, Oil, idiots, and pigs) for destruction and misery.

The curse of being bordered by (Turkey) a country with a bloody history and an Arab like look stupidity.

The curse of being partner in the same country  with someone you can’t understand his language or his ideology.. and if you understand it you’d hate him even more.


Al Qaeda in Syria

these are our American backed partners.

So why did i add that illustration above?  I feel so much like that little turtle. I have 3 choices, either to throw my self from this peak or to keep watching the planes until i can catch one of them and leave or to go back and fight. 

so I can count many more curses, struggling is way much harder…  but as we were born with these curses you can add now the last one “the curse of having to struggle against all other curses” .  



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