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    • I’m not gonna say that i am a believer or I appreciate “religion” people. but another 48 people died in this assassination not only Al-Bouti. for your information a lot of Damascus Sunnis followed him since he represented the biggest front that faced the brotherhood and the Salafis. I won’t ask for more from a preacher.

      • I know, I’ve been reading some of the comments from the families of others that died alongside him. His death seems more shocking to me because he’s a cleric, but, I guess it shouldn’t be.

  1. Leave and come to America! It may be very oppressive to other countries but its still relatively free here, plus we need a Syrian to bring the atrocities up in the news over here.

      • Well you are a very strong woman, when I hear the stories of whats happening there I just couldn’t imagine. It pains my heart for all the little children, please don’t think every American is bad, its just our government.

      • Government is the biggest terrorist in my opinion. I have faith in all people, my country portrays your area as all Muslim extremists, but I know better. I think we are in a transition of consciousness across the planet, what will come of this is anyones guess. I feel like a new renaissance coming where government will literally be abolished and hopefully money along with it. It will be our generation who unites the world for peace destroying all the borders and sharing all resources as common wealth to every human on this planet. Your country is a pivotal role in these turbulent times, you are undoubtedly the country that will stop America’s imperialism.

      • We are working on cutting the head of the beast off here, don’t worry. Soon enough those terrorists will lose their funding and they will ultimately lose.

  2. I’m torn Levantine. On the one hand I only want safety and security for all Arabs in the region, even if that means they leave. Then on the other hand if you leave, you are leaving your country to those bastards. Stay and be miserable during what looks like it will be a long and protracted war because the savages funding it don’t give a crap about Syrian human life, or leave it for barbarians that will destroy it. What a choice. What a F****** choice. I am sorry.

    • yes it’s our life that’s being stolen not only our homeland, I can’t believe how the best years of my life are wasted in war, how we are turning into monsters we never thought we’d be.. and I’ll say what you said FUCK choices ..

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