Chemical, Chemistry, terminology transformation


little girl has the true Syrian flag around her wrist

Chemistry,  to me .. this word that was always related to the magical world, to the stories of Alchemists who along thousands of years never gave up their dream of getting gold out of cheap metal. When I was a little girl I was surprised to see a blue liquid turning into fuchsia or orange and since then the word chemical has had a special place in my mind dictionary.

Today, was the day when this word “chemical” grabbed its luggage and moved from the “magical” words department in my head to the department of tragic horrible words.

“Chemical” is no more a word for pharmacy or agriculture or even industry, this word in my country is a keyword for death and destruction.

What made this terminological change in my head ? it was this

25 Killed by Rocket with Chemical Materials Fired by Terrorists in Aleppo Countryside.

Just today I could smell the dead bodies from Aleppo to Damascus. Staring at those faces.. what do they feel? Do they even still feel? is it the betrayal or the fear or the loss that hurt them the most.  I gazed into their faces for tens of minuets.. blank minds maybe just as blank as mine..


Someone came from abroad promising of freedom.. and then suddenly he shows his fangs  and freedom seems to be a nightmare, a sick memory .. a man who lost a whole family, a little girl crying in a hospital longing to see a face she recognizes, a woman with dizzy eyes looking for her kids, and a soldier came from his poor village, left his old lonely mother and his young beautiful beloved girl, carried his rifle and a pride that none of the readers can imagine and then faded away in his way to defend the big homeland. 


6 thoughts on “Chemical, Chemistry, terminology transformation

  1. These poor children will never be forgotten, they are always in my prayers. The orchestrators of the chaos in Syria will get their judgement in this world and the next. Its horrible to think ANYONE has to live a life like this, maybe if Americans got a taste of that life for a single day they would fight to end our government funding of Al Qaeda and other torror organizations.

    • though we are living the pain of war, i pray no other nation tastes the bitterness of our situation. but Americans and Europeans must recognize that this monster (Islamic radical groups) that was made by their governments will soon try to eat them because terrorism knows no borders or limits.

      • Sadly I fear the terrorism spreading over here is just another part of the plan, our government has gone completely rouge and I’m sorry your great nation has had to face the repugnant odor of these politicians. If there is anything I can do to help spread the word, let me know. I will do everything in my power to share anything you send my way, America is in a pre-revolutionary period, people are fighting and we need as much information as we can get to bring this monster we call American Government down!

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