what could have happened in two years!

Two years have passed.. only two years.. they are not too much if you think about numbers. But in 24 months or two years.. my brother’s friend –who martyred in the explosion of Qazzaz- could have graduated from college proudly holding his certificate in computer science.

In two years my uncle’s family (he and his wife and their six year old daughter) could have been a happy family again, their house could have been full as ever and the voices of little “Lujain” could have been bothering all the neighbors.. her little five year old brother who is the only survivor of the family also could have been playing with her instead of sitting on a wheelchair, waiting for his family to comeback from their long  journey to the “sky” as he has been told..


Two years are not too much.. yes.. But in two years my friend’s family could have bought a bigger house instead of losing theirs in an explosion and finding no place to stay in.

In two years my basketball player friend who was killed for no reason but being so special could have won some medals. And the scientist who was assassinated with his cousin could have invented something that may help the humanity.

24 months were able to change my beloved city into a city of death and my beloved country into a promised land for the criminals and terrorists of this Earth.


In two years Maya Nasser could have been in an important position serving his country instead of becoming a heart breaking memory and a picture on my wall.


In two years many stories were left unfinished and the more were decided to have a sad ending. What about the unwritten stories, will we have to swallow more tears?

Sadly, Only those who enjoy watching the blood fountain in my country  have the answer.


What do you think?

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