the black after a funeral



The homepage here on facebook is all about Chavez, I know very few about him.. but at the moment I heard about his death I thought of his sister who was a worker, an ordinary one of the people and the poor. I thought for a moment..

every one of those who mourn will forget by the day light .. she is the one will live with the pain of losing her beloved one.. as a human a brother before being leader..

she will wake up in the morning every day and her mind will ironically remind her that he is gone. As if she needs to remember this fact.

I don’t even know why I’m sharing this here..

5 thoughts on “the black after a funeral

  1. hmm…. I guess u posted it here because he became an international symbol, and a logo for those who “fight” against imperialism and want to discover a new “Che Guevara” behind every corner. In fact, being realistic, Hugo Chavez was a populist ruler in a country that had been suffering deep corruption in the past, he took benefits from the rich and gave it to the poor basically…. but plain as that.
    He (a former military coup leader) dismantled the structures of the State, to make one to his own taste, managed to crush all opposite media (or almost), replaced former security and army leaders with new staff devoted to him, broke long time international alliances and created new ones (switching from US sphere to Iran, Cuba, China and Russia), exposed completely his economy to oil-dependance, giving wide amounts of free oil to Cuba, or cheap supplies to Bolivia and Peru (also to Socialist Govt. in Spain, smthg canceed when we voted conservative later) or even to China, in exchange for cheap tech and ary supplies… he has created, trained and armed groups of militias ready to perform advanced guerrilla tactics against any “foreign imperialist interventionor invasion”…. he has managed to create a clientel network that now adores him and has even made churches with his name, while his personally appointed successor, Nicolás Maduro (a former bus driver), elevated Chavez officially to the altars, stating publically that he is sitting now besides Jesus, high on heavens, supporting the cause of the poor and the abandoned of the world, ready to make revolution even upthere taking God down and replacing Him for a Popular Assembly of Believers…

    In my honest opinion, he achieved some goals in terms of social equalitarism and redistribution of wealth,…. and that’s good. But he also created a personalist structure of state that has left the country in a permanent feeling of unsafety. Everything is now in hands of arbitrary people who will instaurate their own dictatorship… nop… in global I won’t support his memory! 🙂

    • Just as an add-on…. his successor in a meeting…. telling how he had a dialogue with Chavez incarnated in a birdie… and both… tweeted in good harmony…. no but…. seriously! XD

    • I don’t see you giving excuses when it’s related to a communist ha ? 🙂 ..
      I don’t see anything you mentioned above as a wrong thing to be done. not very American or EU style ..
      and about dictatorship thing? I think the dictatorship of banks is way much worse, that gives no right to an American, European politician or media to describe him as a dictator.

  2. Maybe if you had family there and one of your old aunts had lost everything, because the state took from her (because she had investments in an expropiated mining company) and one of her grandsons had been killed on street and no one could see anything because if you see the man with the gun, you’re the next…. maybe You’d have different optics. Same as happened to me until I met you,…. it’s necessary to know someone from “inside” to have a proper view. In my case I have family, but also some 4 venezuelan friends, in Canada and Spain, who can tell you about what they think on Chavez and his supporters… Maybe you can agree with me then? 😀

    And whatever I may think… whatever media says in a sense or another… Nicolas Maduro is placing Chavez besides God in heaven,…. incarnating in little birds who tweet with him…. etc, etc. etc… I thought it was communists who said that of “religion is the opium of the masses”?… ok…. Venezuelan govt is going beyond that…. they r using spiritism! :D…. not serious, and obviously a way to trick incult citizens. It’s simply as indecent as any political party who states that they represent God… 🙂

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