The beginning, dreams of fairy tales

In a springy day, I don’t really like the spring but this is how It started..

A lot of murmuring was heard about a revolution that will take place in my country “Syria”

Oh a Revolution! What a glamorous sparkling word. It made me inhale that fresh air of the city and smell Damascus in a different way.

I kept repeating that word again and again in my heart, yes a revolution. Oh God.. this word really has the charm of the old times, the novels I’ve grown up on, the passion of the brave men those who starve for justice and fight with their sunburnt hands to help the poor.

I didn’t really care for politics but I didn’t like my society. And since the only revolutions I knew were on the lines of the books I thought that it will be a huge change for the Ideologies minds at first.

I thought of all the things that I didn’t like in my society. In my city, you think you are free to do what you want but in fact you be doing everything people want you to do. I believe you can’t really know who you are until you are given your complete freedom. I wished this revolution would brainwash people, would make me forget about the taboos and demerit, about neighbors’ blabbering, and grandma’s never ending stories about a woman’s honor and blablabla you don’t really want to read more about an ordinary oriental life style.

I thought of the revolution like this:479708_593639153997650_1352988491_n

I resist all the people of the cave,

the people of superstition and mumbo-jumbo,

their slavishness that enslaves them,

their breeding like cows

Before me are a thousand and one executioners

Behind me are a thousand and one butchers

Dear Lord, is there no shame but my nakedness?

Dear Lord, does this East have no work

but fussing over my hemline?

Few days later, what am I hearing? They are really starting! And the idea is coming for real. I didn’t think at that time of how they started and who’s encouraging them. All that mattered was that it started.

Next I will be speaking about how stupid i was to believe all these childish ideas.


What do you think?

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